Whether young in age or young in heart, life-long-Christian or not-Christian-at-all, we all deal with it, we all struggle with it, we've all endured it relationally, occupationally, health-ly, etc.-ly . . . worry - a measure of deficiency while we peer into the unknown.

For Christians, though, worry dissipates in the presence of our Savior Jesus. In love undeserved and in love cross-defined and in love tomb-defying, our Risen Lord reminds us that we exist under the umbrella of his power, with the blessing of his promise, and in the confidence of his presence . . . and, in the face of worry, He who is still "God with us" makes all the difference here . . . and eternally!

To read a sermon founded on that Spirit Inspired truth, please click here: Matthew 16:18-20.

To follow along with a no-song service celebrating that truth, please click here: Pentecost 13.