At Peace we rejoice that Christian freedom & freedom of religion allow us to worship in a casual way and in a comfortable atmosphere.  For those reasons, the general attire of what people wear at Peace spans a spectrum - and that's good; additionally, the general age of who comes to Peace spans a spectrum as well - and that's equally good (we love it when families worship together; & we're ok with children crying during our service - we understand!).

Blessed to assemble in that setting, we also keep in mind that worship is a time when we gather in God's presence and our hearts approach his throne to ascribe him worth (that's what worship means); it's a time when burdened sinners gather to rejoice in the sure declaration of God's full forgiveness and faithful love. 

For those reasons, we strive to create an engaging worship service & a comfortable, Christ-centered worship atmosphere that reflects both respect for the God who made us and joy for the God who has saved us.  That respectful approach draws near to God with true and honest hearts and worships him in joyful gladness for all that he has done and all that he so graciously still does.

The best way to witness all that?  Come, see for yourself!  It'd be great to have you join us!