At Peace we offer worship services in which God’s people actively participate.  In other words, even though our services don’t have the concert feel of strobe lights and movie-screens, we all participate as we read together, sing together, and stand together on what the Bible says (Psalm 118:1-4); very simply, we worship together in a way that offers thanksgiving and respect to the One who saved us from sin and all its consequences, to the One who alone is worthy of praise!   

At Peace, how that worship looks takes a variety of forms.  Not all every path of worship (church term: liturgy) is led by the organ; some are.  Not all our songs are accompanied by the piano; many are.  Not every service will have traditional hymns or current, Christian hits; but some do.  Some of our worship elements reach all the way back to King David and, even, Moses; others employ a more current setting.  Sometimes the pastor reads a portion of the service; sometimes worshippers read and respond.  The point is this: as we seek to let the Gospel predominate in our worship, we also seek to let people participate; and, since we’re free to do that in a variety of ways, our services tend to lean on a hybrid style that balances traditional elements and employs contemporary elements in respect for the God who is eternal. 

The best way to witness all that?  Come, see for yourself!  It'd be great to have you join us!